Industry Luminary Joins Bayshore Technical Advisory Board

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Aug 22, 2019

Industry Luminary Joins Bayshore Technical Advisory Board

Eric Byres, creator of the Tofino Industrial Firewall, has joined Bayshore’s Technical Advisory Board

DURHAM, N.C., AUGUST 22, 2019

Bayshore Networks, the leading provider of Active OT automated security protection tools for industrial networks, today announced that Eric Byres, creator of the Tofino firewall, has joined the company’s Technical Advisory Board.

Byres, currently CEO of aDolus, Inc. (, joined the board after evaluating Bayshore’s recent product launches — including SCADAfuse and OT Access — and its product plan for the next 12 months. This includes SCADAwall, a unidirectional gateway and file-transfer staging tool which will make use of the aDolus FACT system for OEM file integrity and authenticity verification.

“When Tofino was launched back in 2008, I had a vision for how it would evolve, and laid the groundwork for the platform at that time,” said Byres. “I am pleased to see SCADAfuse has embraced those capabilities with vigor and I look forward to working with the Bayshore team to help drive the product forward into 2021.”

SCADAfuse combines automated profiling of native OT network activity as it impacts PLCs and connected devices with deep inspection of session content to provide a full range of automated protection capabilities. It also offers native hardware bypass modes, USB key-based device authentication and access control, and an extensible framework which will enable it to perform virtualized network segmentation in upcoming releases. Ultimately, SCADAfuse ensures your PLC remains under your exclusive control, and does only what it’s meant to do.

“Eric is responsible for some of the greatest insights about the practical divergence between OT and IT security, and why different techniques were required for specialized industrial applications,” said Kevin Senator, President and CEO of Bayshore Networks. “In the 11 years since his technologies first appeared on the scene, few other providers have been able to offer solutions that take a similar approach. Bayshore is honored to work with Eric to ensure that the space continues to reflect innovation and genuine benefit to customers, while also leveraging his new work on aDolus to integrate it into our other products, starting with SCADAwall later this year.”

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