CEO Corner – 2020 Bayshore in Review

Dec 22, 2020

CEO Corner – 2020 Bayshore in Review

To all our Employees, Customers, Partners, and Industry Colleagues,

A Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

2020 has been a year of challenge from the effects of both the worldwide pandemic and worldwide cyber incidents. Both issues show that working collectively now and in the future is essential for the most positive and effective outcomes.

Regarding the pandemic, I am heartened at how quickly multiple effective vaccines have been developed, in large part due to the worldwide immunology community working together. It is important that multiple vaccines, at stable and high efficacy rates become distributed quickly so all parts of the world can benefit.

In the arena of industrial critical infrastructure security, we see increased customer awareness, additional investment into companies setting the pace such as Nozomi and Dragos, and the establishment of domain expertise here in the USA. I especially salute Dragos for the efforts to train the global community, and particularly here in the USA, to build a new generation of US-based industrial cyber security experts.

For Bayshore, it would be fair to say that 2020 has been a difficult year, just as it has been for so many. However, we see progress and fresh starts as companies figure out how to work around the current pandemic to get back on track.

I thank the Bayshore team for continuing its pioneering work around Active OT/ICS protection. Our foundational technology of Deep Content Inspection, Advanced Policy Learning and Policy Enforcement (both cloud- and appliance-based) are key to truly protecting the world’s industrial and critical infrastructure.

Watch for a new, exciting announcement from Bayshore in the first quarter of 2021 that will be transformative for our company.

In the meantime, we wish for you and all your families, healthy and peaceful holiday times into the start of the new year.


Our Very Best Holiday Wishes,

Kevin Senator and the Bayshore Team

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