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ProductsNetWall USG

NetWall USG unidirectional security gateway for IT and OT is a high-speed, hardware and software solution that enforces data replication in only one direction.

It creates a secure network segment when installed, shielding and isolating critical assets and sensitive networks from cyberattack and misuse.

One Platform Supports 50MB, 100MB, 1GB or 10GB, all Software Selectable to Meet your Requirements

Support for OPC DA, A&E, and UA, plus Modbus/TCP, file transfers, and tcp/udp sockets

  • Transfers data from trusted network (plant) without exposing machines to an untrusted network (corporate IT, business destinations)
  • Unidirectional data diode functionality providing an industrial airgap bridge to limit and enable communications from sensitive, restricted assets
  • Guaranteed delivery from source to destination with provable verification, unlike most unidirectional gateways which use retransmission methods
  • Alleviates cost and complexity of physical only access or data diodes with a more effective and efficient connectivity solution
  • Now supports many SCADA/HMI systems, such as Inductive Automation’s IGNITION platform, which leverage OPC UA for their underlying transport model



  • Physical device that sits in front of sensitive portions of the network
  • Isolated, non-routable, unidirectional data transfer
  • Efficient synchronization and replication of data between systems
  • Transports any protocol without proprietary vendor HW and SW
  • No network information is exposed as NetWall USG creates a full protocol break between two network entities
  • Supports guaranteed delivery of data with improved data throughput


NetWall USG Introduction

NetWall USG Syslog Configuration Demo