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We Believe Industrial Cybersecurity Needs to be Practical and Affordable

When we say our products are practical, we are taking into account not only the cost for our products, but the interaction time required of human capital to deploy them effectively. OT security is different from IT security, you need to not only recognize the threat, but how remediation is going to affect the process in your OT environment. Receiving alerts and threat assessments is great, but if you don’t have the human staff on duty 24/7 to ingest that data and convert it to action, then it has little value other than forensics.

The Bayshore Modular Industrial Control Platform is designed so the solutions can be deployed individually, or in combination as your budget will allow. They are designed to be easy to configure, and get up and running with minimal effort. The combination of our powerful Learning, Deep Content Inspection and Policy Enforcement engines put the Bayshore product line on the cutting edge of realistic, practical security that you can actually afford, and put into immediate use.

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