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Use Cases

Active Protection for your PLC’s/RTU’s/EWS

With risks increasing for Industrial Networks from rising Cyber-attacks you need to protect your critical PLC’s, RTUS’s and Engineering Workstations. Bayshore provides cabinet level protection at Perdue Level 1.5 with its OTfuse line of smart IPS Security Appliance’s. Full Payload Inspection, Advanced Policy Learning, Advanced Policy Enforcement along a Built-in Modbus Server, LAN Bypass and C1 Div2 certifications protect you from attack and down time. Your equipment operator does not need to be a NGFW expert in interpreting a Firewall rule, OTfuse talks to them in the language their equipment is using, in Policies that the equipment operator understands.

Unidirectional Data Diode Functionality

In today’s converging OT/IT networks it is critical to create a secure network segment to shield and isolate critical assets, sensitive networks and data from cyber-attack and misuse. You need to be able to transfer data from trusted networks (plant) without exposing machines to an untrusted network (business destinations), or you may need to send critical data between two trusted corporate IT segments such as migrating patient billing, or pharmaceutical formulary data. Our Unidirectional Data Diode functionality provides an airgap bridge to enable limited communications from sensitive, restricted assets. With guaranteed delivery from source to destination with provable verification, unlike traditional unidirectional gateway which use retransmission methods.

Secure Remote Access

With risks increasing for Industrial Networks from rising Cyber-attacks you need to protect your critical PLC’s, RTUS’s and Engineering Workstations. OTfuse is the only real-time secure remote access solution designed specifically for OT networks and assets. It offers granular access control, with far more precision than conventional VPNs, enabling customized control per protocol, per user activity, and per seat, with continuous monitoring and enforcement for the duration of every session. It enforces a logical “line of sight” protection model, where operators have assurance that people can only touch what they can see across their connection, and absolutely nothing else. It’s available as an on-premise solution, or via a hosted cloud model, and is often used as a central control around third party vendor risk management.

Critical Infrastructure

Every day we take for granted that water will come from our taps, the lights will turn on, and there will be gas to heat our homes. But these Critical Infrastructures are more and more in the eye of not only malicious attacks, but state actors. Municipal agencies are perennially short staffed with budgets that fall short of commercial networks. Expensive Intrusion Alerting Software sending a barrage of alerts to organizations that lack the human capital round the clock to deal with that ever-rising tide need to automate their defense. Bayshore’s Modular Industrial Cyber Security Platform allows users to deploy one, two or all of the solutions as their budget allows. Bayshore’s family of products conform to either IEC-62443 and other industrial Standards, to Class 1 Div. 2 Flammability Standards, and more depending on where the product would sit in specific networks.

• Bayshore’s Modular Industrial Controls Cyber Security platform allows you to add functionality as your need and budget allows

• Protect your critical PLC’c/RTU’s/EWS with OTfuse which offers full learning IPS that does full payload inspection, policy learning and policy enforcement

• Control your vendors accessing your network for equipment updates and metrics with OT access, control the connection outbound, Full Payload and Policy Enforcement during the entire session. Control where your vendor goes, what they are allowed to do with full confidence of control

• Network Segmentation with NetWall USG. Create secure networks segments with Unidirectional Traffic Enforcement in a cost effect software upgradeable appliance that can grow with your network, without expensive rip and replace


Protecting your sensitive production assets and keeping your factory humming in a world of increasing threats is what we do. Safety, Availability and meeting increasing Regulatory requirements around Cyber Security is what Bayshore can do with its family of purpose-built OT/ICS Cyber products

• Ensure Critical uptime requirements for your production lines

• Ease of use with a family of interrelated OT/ICS Cyber products

• Protect your investment in sensitive network equipment with a layered security approach from Bayshore

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the transformation of industry through the intelligent networking of machines and processes with the help of information and communications technology (ICT). What does that mean for you? Big Data, Smart Factories, Seamless Connection of Individual Production Steps – all of it can come crashing down without the right Cyber Security Plan. Pie in the sky budgets, normally aren’t found, but vendor claims of Nirvana are. We take a down to earth pragmatic approach of leveraging our three core technologies, Full Payload Inspection, Advanced Policy Learning and Advanced Policy Enforcement to provide affordable products with a realistic understanding of what the human capital resource capabilities 24/7 of OT network operators are.

• Protect your cash flow by keeping your factories online and running

• Practical, affordable products

• Realistic expectations of human capital expertise in Cyber Security available to plant operators 24/7