Bayshore delivers practical, real world solutions to allow you to stop unauthorized activity in real time.

Our Value

Bayshore Networks provides the option of active policy enforcement through our Pallaton Policy Enforcement Engine. This patented technology can actively prevent risk activities from disrupting production, incurring downtime costs, and damaging equipment. Built by Bayshore OT experts and designed for the plant environment, our goal is to keep the OT environment safe and productive. We give industrial infrastructure organizations practical, cost-effective solutions that work.

Active Protection for Most OT Protocols
Bayshore supports a wide, growing range of OT (as well as IT) protocols, which are required to protect the production environment.
Automated Learning Engine
Bayshore’s powerful Learning Engine establishes baseline behaviors among the industrial assets in the OT network, creating a whitelist of normal or approved applications. The Learning Engine automatically generates policies designed to protect industrial infrastructure.
Policy Enforcement Engine
Bayshore’s Pallaton Policy Enforcement Engine™ enforces both whitelisting (out-of-the-box, Learning Engine generated, or manually crafted) and blacklisting (based on threat intelligence and known exploits) policies.
In-Line Protection Deployment
Because the Bayshore solution can be deployed in-line, it can prevent unwanted traffic from interfering with a protected OT environment (in addition to providing alerts).