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Bayshore Networks Announces the Expansion of its NetWall Family of Products with the release of NetWall BSG – Bilateral Security Gateway

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May 03, 2021

Bayshore Networks Announces the Expansion of its NetWall Family of Products with the release of NetWall BSG – Bilateral Security Gateway

Durham, NC – May 4, 2021 – NetWall BSG (Bilateral Security Gateway) incorporates all the features of the NetWall USG (Unidirectional Security Gateway) version, but also adds the ability to receive data replies from selected destinations on the untrusted network. A TCP connection is initiated from the trusted network to a destination (such as Microsoft SQL Server) on the untrusted network using the NetWall Bilateral Security Gateway solution. The destination may respond with data back to the initiator, however, no connection can be initiated from the untrusted network back to the trusted network.

Both NetWall USG and NetWall BSG can securely transfer control systems data, logfiles, database records and other pertinent data to IT data centers, security operation centers (SOC’s) and cloud based data storage.

The NetWall family of products offers OPC UA support, meaning that popular SCADA systems which use OPC UA as one of their core transport options, such as Inductive Automation’s ignition platform, can now be replicated unilaterally between server nodes, with full fidelity of the entire schema and zero risk of controls being inserted from the destination network. In addition, all NetWall products create a secure network segment when installed, shielding and isolating critical assets and sensitive networks from cyberattack and misuse. At the same time, NetWall USG & BSG support real-time file and data replication outside the electronic perimeter to corporate business systems, such as ERP, MES, PLM and others.

NetWall USG & BSG come in 50MB, 100MB and 1GB capacity with MRSP’s of $15K, $20K and $30K respectively for either model.

“Bayshore continues to innovate with pragmatic, very cost effective solutions that are grounded in reality, what our customers need, and are looking for today. The expanding line of Bayshore’s products now map throughout our customers ICS/OT networks giving us the ability to deploy one vendor throughout multiple customer pain points.” Said Manish Shah, Associate Vice President, ATS Global

“With the release of NetWall BSG we continue to add capability to our Modular Industrial Controls Cyber Security product line. Our NetWall family of products now consists of both Unidirectional and Bilateral Security Gateways. Our OTfuse family of Smart IPS PLC Protection Products starts below $1000, and our Secure Remote Access family of Products, OTaccess, is available in On Premise, Cloud or VM formats. No company is offering channel partners the wide optionality of OT/ICS Cyber Security products under one umbrella like Bayshore does”, said Kevin Senator, CEO Bayshore Networks.

About Bayshore Networks
Bayshore Networks is the leading provider of active industrial cybersecurity protection solutions specifically designed for OT/ICS environments, automation engineers and plant operators. The company created OTfuse, NetWall, and OTaccess to address the digital and physical security risks, which can compromise the safety and availability of OT/ICS networks. Bayshore’s solutions securely protect OT/ICS systems, SCADA, industrial applications, machines, and workers from cyber threats. Bayshore Networks is backed by ForgePoint Capital, Benhamou Global Ventures, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, and Samsung Next. Bayshore technology is in use with GE Digital, Kimberly Clark, AT&T and other companies in process manufacturing industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and water and wastewater utilities and districts. For more information visit us at

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